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2 Player Perimeter Receiver Spot Drill

The 2 Player Perimeter Receiver Spot Drill focuses on player’s movements in the half court when there is dribble penetration inside the three-point line. The focus of the drill is in providing players with realistic and very specific overall tactical points about how to react to the movement of the ball.

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V-Repetition Shooting Drill

The V-Repetition Shooting Drill is a great activity for allowing players to shoot a high number of shots in a small amount of time. Because of the movement involved in the activity the V-Repetition Shooting Drill it also has a conditioning component that helps increase the challenge faced by an individual.

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High Post Offense: Stack High

The High Post Offense provides a valuable opportunities for teams to start by drawing the opposition’s defence away from the basket. The High Post Offense Stack High Play looks to overload the Point Position on the floor by bringing an extra player to this High Post position. This in turn creates additional space and opportunities for players to move on the floor.

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Three Lower Body Problems and Solutions for a Players Shooting Action

The Shooting Action of a player is probably the most important skill a player must master when they start play basketball. The vast majority of players have a jump shot of some sort. Even those players who do not regularly use their shooting action in favour the lay-up,

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Titan Shooting Drill

The Titan Shooting Drill is a very useful team based activity. The Titan Shooting Drill facilitates multiple players to be shooting within the activity on only two baskets. For teams not able to utilise a large number of basketball hoops for the purposes of their training sessions the Titan Shooting Drill can be a very good activity for a team to utilise for individuals to shoot a great number of shots in very quick succession.

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