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Ball Reversal to Score Drill

The Ball Reversal to Score Drill looks to help players develop the set of technical skills needed as well as offensive awareness to be able to score in the post from ball rotation on the perimeter. As players become more and more athletic they become more aggressive and intense in defence.

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Box Offense: High On-Ball Play

One of the great features of a Box Offense is it condenses the defence into a very small area. This spacing allows the offense to gain a large amount of clean space on the floor to move within. The Box Offense High On-Ball Play looks to rapidly bring defenders away from the keyway with each side of the court the play is continued on.

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High Post Offense: Stack High

The High Post Offense provides a valuable opportunities for teams to start by drawing the opposition’s defence away from the basket. The High Post Offense Stack High Play looks to overload the Point Position on the floor by bringing an extra player to this High Post position. This in turn creates additional space and opportunities for players to move on the floor.

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