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4 Man Closeout Drill

The 4 Man Closeout Drill provides an opportunity for multiple players to practice and refine their closeout technique. The 4 Man Closeout Drill looks to provide a high repetition drill to specifically work on the closeout specifics within one or two dribbles of initially guarding the ball. Within the game of basketball,

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Triangle Shot Blocking Drill

The Triangle Shot Blocking Drill looks to provide an opportunity for a defensive player to practice their shot blocking around the basketball hoop. Shot blocking is a very challenging activity when initially a player tries to perform the technique. The Triangle Shot Blocking Drill looks to provide a realistic situation,

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Defence off the Ball: When to Steal

The Steal like Shot Blocking is one of the most poorly understood skills in the game of basketball. Within the rules, but very rarely ever seen to be taught. The steal has the ability to change a game, swing momentum and frustrate an opposition. Ninety percent of the challenge behind stealing a ball comes down to being in the right place at the right time,

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Your Zone Offense stops Working in a Game! What do you do…

For many teams having a Zone Offense is just part of a good plan in preparing for all the challenges of a game situation. In some circumstances, teams might even have two or three different offenses, or variations of offenses to deal will all the possible zone defence challenges anticipated.

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Why use a Zone Defence against a Baseline Out of Bounds?

A Baseline Out of Bounds situation can be very challenging to defend and one strategy to limit the options available to an offensive team is to employ a Zone Defence. A zone defence brings a number of positives to a team’s defensive orientation in the half court.

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