Advanced Principles of Basketball Coaching

At the elite level, Advanced Basketball Coaching is about the pursuit of excellence and innovation. In this section of Functional Basketball Coaching’s website, a collection of various articles which focus on these advanced skills have been compiled together so coaches can look for new ways to explore the sport of basketball.


The tactics listed as this part of this section of the Functional Basketball Coaching website however are not for every team. The context in which teams find themselves needs to be considered before implementing these types of technical or tactical skills. This is because they can often take a longer time to implement and therefore not be an effective use of a team’s time in preparing for the season ahead. This is especially true at younger levels of development when there is already so much that needs to be focused upon for the individual development of players and the implementation of general team concepts.


The goals, the resources and the people all are a mark of an elite team (Photo Source: Eric Kilby)

When discussing Advanced Basketball Coaching the characteristics are the goals, the resources and the people all are a mark of an elite team (Photo Source: Eric Kilby)

Innovation plays a major role in an Advanced basketball coach’s ability to stay competitive at the highest levels. With the amount of resources which are available to teams and their opposition the practices such as scouting and analysis produce a very high level of specific and detail information. With the advancement in this information comes the need for teams to be more flexible and dynamic so they can deal with a number of changes and scenarios that arise in games with the specific purpose of disrupting a team’s offense or defence. The advanced principles of basketball coaching help provide one avenue of answer these challenges presented by a team’s opposition.


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Changing Direction in a Close-out: the close-out is a crucial part of the skill set demanded of players to compete at the senior and higher levels of the sport. This technical skill however leads to many breakdowns in a team’s defence. This post looks to explore how to raise this skill to the necessary level demand of the sport of basketball

Coaching Against a Run: this post examines some of the options that can be implemented to try and break a scoring droughts by a team’s offense

Controlling the Tempo of a Game: Execution of the Half-court Offense in this article the performance of a team in doing the small things right is explored in detail to highlight how these factors affect the tempo of a game

Controlling the Tempo of a Game: Principles of Play this examines the basic elements needed to be successful no matter the type of offensive system employed

Controlling the Tempo of a Game: Speed of the Game this post looks at the game in general and how a team can control its tempo

Defending On-ball Screens based on the Shot Clock: this article looks to explore how teams can change the way in which they defend on-ball screens based upon the shot clock. This tactic helps with limiting the production of the opposition’s offense late in possession

Defensive Change-up: this blog post looks to explore how teams can more effectively and efficiently implement their defensive assets and options to gain the best effect from them

Def. Transition and the Progression to becoming an Elite Team: this article looks to identify the different options teams can have in implementing a defensive transition strategy. This post covers a number of options

Making a Training Session More Game Realistic: This article looks to explore the different options a coach has for making training session game realistic to help players and coaches develop their technical and tactical skills to the next level

Packing the Lanes in Defence: this post looks to explain the tactic of moving help defenders closer to the ball allowing for a more speedy help scenario. This is useful in stopping a particularly dominant player or just disrupting an opposition’s offense

Planning a Full Court Man to Man Defensive Strategy: the article explores the variations that can be applied to a team’s full court man-to-man defence. More than one defensive strategy can be put in place at any given time to make reading a team’s defence all the more harder to do


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