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Teaching the Baseball Pass in Basketball

The Baseball Pass is one of the passes in basketball that players will experiment with by default. In attempting to generate more power for a longer pass or to try and accelerate the ball faster when passing the fundamental action of the Baseball Pass will often be employed by players.

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Triangle Shot Blocking Drill

The Triangle Shot Blocking Drill looks to provide an opportunity for a defensive player to practice their shot blocking around the basketball hoop. Shot blocking is a very challenging activity when initially a player tries to perform the technique. The Triangle Shot Blocking Drill looks to provide a realistic situation,

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The Importance of Body Positioning during a Lay-up

The lay-up is the highest percentage shot outside of the dunk. It is one of the very first skills that young players will attempt, and often is the stuff of nightmares for senior coaches whose teams can squander a certain two points in a moment with a poor attempt.

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1 v 1 Speed Dribble Drill

The 1 v 1 Speed Dribble Drill is a simple, yet effective activity for helping players to develop their own ability to advance a ball up the court at pace. Too often players struggle to control the basketball when dribbling once they achieve a certain speed. By practicing this technique within the 1 v 1 Speed Dribble Drill players will develop more confidence and competence in performing this very under-trained skill.

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Why Do My Players Continue to Miss Lay-ups?

The Lay-up is one of the most widely used skills in basketball. For most players this is their very first technique learnt when attempting to score. The lay-up forms one of the most fundamental skills developed in basketball and so therefore it is often seen as a point of frustration when junior,

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