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3 v 3 Rotating Rebound Drill

The 3 v 3 Rotating Rebound Drill looks to help players in developing their rebounding abilities by providing and extension onto of a player’s technical skill development. The focus of the drill is on players working to not only apply half court man-to-man defensive principles with rebounding responsibilities,

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Platteville Passing Drill

The Platteville Passing Drill is a base activity for an initial warm-up or initial skill development focus around passing and receiving. The Platteville Passing Drill focuses on some key instruction points that are at the core of good technique and effort based success when passing in basketball. The drills focus lies in the technique around individual offense such as triple threat stance,

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Pass, Cut and Defend Drill

The Pass, Cut and Defend Drill looks to help players with the basics of offense and defence around a cut to the basket. Cutting on offense in basketball is the most fundamentally used movement tactics. Sometimes employed to be a scoring opportunity and in other situations a cut is used as a way to create player movement or space.

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King of the Court Drill

The King of the Court Drill is one of the more well know drills around any basketball court, and many other sporting fields as well. The King of the Court Drill focuses on creating a highly competitive environment in which players can challenge each other for supremacy.

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Chicken Dribbling Drill

The Chicken Dribbling Drill is a great drill for exposing players to the fundamentals of dribbling while also forcing the individual to focus on what is happening ahead of them. When players have progressed past the stage of stationary and isolated dribbling activities, the Chicken Dribbling Drill can be a very useful activity for then exposing players to multiple aspects to focus upon while performing a skill and at pace.

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