Team defence is one of the great symphonies in sport when it is executed in unison by five players on the floor at any one time. Coaches and players can sink a lot of time within any strategy focused around team defence. Our team at Functional Basketball Coaching aims to shine some light on various tactical strategies and drills which will be of use in the development of concepts for your teams.


No one team defence will solve all of the challenges you will face from the myriad of offensive strategies and plays. So it

Olympiakos - Aris 3-12-2012
Getting 5 individuals to work together against the ball is what Team Defence is all about (Photo credit: dionysisk)

is important to develop a well-rounded knowledge to help deal with a variety of situations.


When researching what defence to select, take the time to observe other coaches and practice the implementation of different defensive strategies for yourself. Sometimes the true effectiveness of a defensive system will take you some time to understand, and even longer to master.


As an overview, remember team defensive strategies can have the following broad variations or categories:


  • Half-court
  • Full court
  • Man to man
  • Zone
  • Trapping
  • Match-up


Finding a suitable defensive system or strategy is one thing, being able to build the competency within your team is another. The drills utilised initially to develop this understanding amongst your team will be vital in making as quick a progression as possible. As you become more and more confident with a system try to develop your own drills specific to needs of your team’s individualised development.


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Def. Transition2-1-1 Trapping Formation
2-1-2 Trapping Formation
Triangle and i Formation
Full Court Press / Trapping1-2-1-1 Full Court Zone Press
1-2-2 Full Court Zone Press Explained
2-2-1 Full Court Zone Press
The I-Press: A Full Court Trapping Variation
Half Court Press / Trapping1-1-2-1 Diamond Trap: A Quarter Court Trapping Defence
1-2-2 Half Court Trap
1-3-1 Push Wing Trap
2-2-1 Quarter Court Trap
Junk DefenceBox and 1 Junk Defence
I and 3 Junk Defence
Triangle and 2 Junk Defence
Man to ManHalf-Court Man to Man Defence Drills
Match-Up2-3 Match-Up Zone Defence: Featuring Trapping Post from Weak Side Guard
3-2 Sliding Zone Defence
Zone1-2-2 Zone Defence
1-3-1 Zone Defence
2-1-2 Zone Defence
2-3 Zone Defence