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Talk to Functional Basketball Coaching about how our Sports Program Evaluations can help your program reach the next level (Photo credit: pfüll)

It doesn’t matter what sport you are involved in. It doesn’t matter what level of competition you are looking to take part and compete within. Functional Basketball Coaching can help your organisation reach its full potential with our Sports Program Evaluations. This service has been provided after a wave of requests and interest from coaches, program executives and team owners who want some additional input into their program for the benefit of future successes.


As a coach Functional Basketball Coaching’s Sports Program Evaluation can provide some feedback and input into your planning which can be invaluable.  In a professional and objective atmosphere your program can be evaluated. Working from a project scope our evaluation will satisfy whatever your need maybe for your program.


For Program Executives you often are looking for ways to maximise your operations and strategic use of resources. Functional Basketball Coaching’s Sports Program Evaluation can meet this need within your commercial enterprise today. There are a number of business and management fields that the experts at Functional Basketball Coaching can assist with. Some of these include:


  • Workforce Planning
  • Operational Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Information and Knowledge Management
  • Project Management
  • Continuous Improvement


Functional Basketball Coaching’s Sports Program Evaluation can also assist owners of sports clubs with program review and recommendations. This can be completed through onsite, hands on direct observations or if more appropriate from an external viewpoint to the organisation.




Why not contact us today for an opportunity to discuss your needs and how Functional Basketball Coaching can help. Complete the electronic form on the Contact Us page to take your first step in the right direction today!