Functional Basketball Coaching provides a wide range of information on both individual and team offensive systems and drills. These technical and tactical resources are provided free for coaches around the globe to utilise as part of the team offense.


As a coach your ability to be able to provide a balanced coaching environment is vital to any team’s success. As a coach you cannot be exclusively focused on one dimension of the game more than any other otherwise your team will be unbalanced which can magnify weaknesses they may have. This is especially true at the junior and developmental levels of the sport where often coaches work alone or in a very limited capacity.

Half-Court Offense
Half-Court Offense (Photo credit: compujeramey)



At Functional Basketball Coaching we try to help you with your needs and provide resources we have utilised or seen put into action that actually work. In this way you don’t have to do the leg work searching and trying to find the right drills, plays and other information.




As part of our focus on team offense the FBC will highlight the following key topics:


  • Common offensive plays
  • Specialised plays
  • In depth analysis of offensive sets
  • Drills that can be utilised in the develop of your team offense


While a number of different topics and tools will be covered within the resources on the Functional Basketball Coaching website it is the philosophy of the organisation that coaches at all levels should work to develop their own skills in constructing drills.


Additionally this philosophy also carries onto developing an offensive system which you feel confident and become competent in utilising. Developing this heightened awareness and appreciation of offensive systems will be the end result of trial and error for most coaches and for the lucky few who find success early on the ability to continue to develop is of constant focus.


Find what you are looking for? If not let us know! We are always looking for ways to better meet the needs of our visitors and customers so if you are looking for something and cannot find it here at the Functional Basketball Coaching offensive hub, then we would be happy get your feedback so we can investigate how we could meet this need in the future.


Why not contact us today for an opportunity to discuss your needs and how Functional Basketball Coaching can help. Click on the menu tab about titles “Contact Us” to make your first step in the right direction today!


1-4 Offense1-4 Offense: Kentucky Turn Out
1-4 Offense: Patterned Motion Crossover Cut
Box OffenseBox Offense: Basket Screen (Zone Offense)
Box Offense: High On-Ball
Box Offense: High Screen and On-ball Screen
Box Offense: Introduction
Box Offense: Lift to High On-Ball Screen
Fast Break OffenseLink to Fast Break Offense Page
Flex OffenseFlex Offense: Hand-Off Roll
Flex Offense: Introduction
Flex Offense: Screener Isolation
Flex Offense: Screener Pop (Zone Offense)
Four Out OffenseFour Out Offense: 4-1 Weak Side Flash (Zone Offense)
Four Out Offense: Triple Screen
High Post OffenseHigh Post Offense: Cross Cut
High Post Offense: High Stack
High Post Offense: Up Screen into On-Ball
Jump Ball OffenseJump Ball: Screen Back (Defensive Tip)
Jump Ball: Two-Man Split
Motion OffenseMotion Offense: 3-2 Patterned Motion Offense
Motion Offense: 4-1 Free Motion Offense
Motion Offense: Dribble Entry Mid-Zone Screen
Motion Offense: Principles versus Zone Defence
Open Post OffenseOpen Post Offense: Hand-off Switch
Open Post Offense: Introduction
Pick and Roll OffensePick and Roll Offense: Double On-Ball Screen Variation
Pick and Roll Offense: 4-1 High On-Ball Screen
Pick and Roll Offense: High Screen the Screener (Quick Hitter)
Pick and Roll Offense: High Screen with Ball Reversal
Pick and Roll Offense: Horns
Pick and Roll Offense: Introduction
Pick and Roll Offense: One Pass On-ball (Quick Hitter)
Press Breaker OffensePress Breaker: 1-4 Circle Cut
Press Breaker: Forward Bump
Press Breaker: Point Guard Pivot
Primary Transition Offense Primary Transition: 1st Big Flare
Primary Transition: First Big Pivot
Primary Transition: Numbered Transition Offense
Primary Transition: Middle Lane Runner
Primary Transition: Sideline Overload
Primary Transition: Small Forward Link
Primary Transition: Two Guard Sideline Push
Princeton OffensePrinceton Offense: Dribble Entry Option
Princeton Offense: High Post Hand-Off
Princeton Offense: Introduction
Shuffle OffenseShuffle Offense: Dual Cut to On-Ball
Shuffle Offense: Four Flat into Hand-off
Shuffle Offense: Introduction
Triangle OffenseTriangle Offense: Introduction
UCLA OffenseUCLA Offense: Breakdown of a UCLA Offense Series Example 1
UCLA Offense: Dual Point Cut
UCLA Offense: Introduction
UCLA Offense: High Double Screen
UCLA Offense: Strong Side Fill
UCLA Offense: Strong Side Overload with On-Ball
Wheel OffenseWheel Offense: Introduction
Wheel Offense: Triple Screen into On-Ball
Zipper OffenseZipper Offense: Introduction
Zipper Offense: High/Low
Zipper Offense: High Post On-ball
DrillsOffensive Transition