All Athletes are Individuals

For any coach the challenge of controlling a group of young athletes can be intimidating, the strategies that form part of the process are called behaviour management.

Here we can see how the offensive player keeps their body between the ball and the defender while performing a lay-up. As can be seen from the picture if the defender is on the hip or inline with the ball handler then there is no other option but for a foul to be committed when trying to stop the shot (Photo Source: Danny Bollinger)

The lay-up is the highest percentage shot outside of the dunk. It is one of the very first skills that young players will attempt, and often is the stuff of nightmares for senior coaches whose teams can squander a certain …

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Good Drill Progression is a building block for individual and team development. Overusing drills however can slow this progress and development for players (Photo Source: Jim Larrison)

When looking to start out planning a training session many coaches will start by formatting a session in the time-honored way of selecting activities or Drills for a warm-up, skills based section, tactical segment and then finally finishing with some …

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Coaching is a small town provides a number of challenges for building and sustaining a program (Photo Source: Bobby P.)

Basketball Coaching does not always happen within a supportive environment like in an established program. In the corners of many rural or regional areas clubs, schools or associations are started or established by individuals, not boards, or committees. In these …

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