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Transitioning from Form Shooting to Game Shooting
Shooting Technique

Form Shooting is a technique used to help players develop, or refine their shooting technique. At the heart of the form shooting teaching strategy is the philosophy that slowing the technical movement down helps a player to realise the issues surrounding their shot. The challenge for athletes and coaches alike comes in transferring the knowledge…

Thinking about Dunking
Dunking makes a powerful statement about a player and to their opposition (Photo Source: Cliff)

Dunking is the highest percentage shot in basketball. More than that, it is the one action that many young players aspire to be able to do. Watching the world’s elite on television, the sheer awe that a dunk during a game produces is one of the truly griping aspects of the sport.   Players will…

Teaching the Baseball Pass in Basketball
In the picture above controlling the ball in one hand for a Baseball Pass is difficult and needs practice (Photo Source: Expert Infantry)

The Baseball Pass is one of the passes in basketball that players will experiment with by default. In attempting to generate more power for a longer pass or to try and accelerate the ball faster when passing the fundamental action of the Baseball Pass will often be employed by players. Teaching the technique early therefore…

Triangle Shot Blocking Drill
Triangle Shot Blocking Drill Diagram 1

The Triangle Shot Blocking Drill looks to provide an opportunity for a defensive player to practice their shot blocking around the basketball hoop. Shot blocking is a very challenging activity when initially a player tries to perform the technique. The Triangle Shot Blocking Drill looks to provide a realistic situation, with the potential to have…