Basketball Coaching is one of the most rewarding roles a person can have. Being able to fulfil the role of a basketball coach can be very challenging and frustrating over the course of the positions lifetime. Basketball Coaching can be a very special responsibility and one that carries a lot of weight in how it can change a player or athlete’s life.


Basketball coaching is a great opportunity to make a difference (Source: J L)
Basketball coaching is a great opportunity to make a difference (Source: J L)

One of the most common mistakes made when Basketball coaching is to try and simulate or copy another coach. Each individual coach has their own unique way of coaching. In some instances, this can be a strength and in other circumstances it can be a weakness.


To help with this role Functional Basketball Coaching has put together a list of resources to bridge the gap between a coach’s knowledge and the unknown. Obtaining the knowledge is important to starting out in coaching, however developing this information into a skill that is of value to a coach is a very different matter.


Take the time to develop the craft of being a coach and the rewards can be significant. Choose not to value the art of basketball coaching and not seek to improve constantly a coach can become stale and unmotivated.


Some the topics which may be of use in basketball coaching include:


3 Action you can Take to Make Your Training Sessions Better: a couple of brief points to help with the organisation and management of a team’s training sessions.

5 Rules of Basketball Coaching for Beginners; this article includes some information for coaches starting out in basketball coaching.

5 Things you can do to Coach Better on Court: this article examines the art of coaching. It provides some helpful advice about how to get the most out your coaching.

Basketball Coaching and Creating a Positive Environment: this article looks at some simple steps to help with building a positive environment and atmosphere within a team.

Basketball Coaching and Finding Learning Activities; this article explores the many different and equally rewarding opportunities for a coach to explore in becoming more knowledgeable.

Basketball Coaching and Time Management; in this article the important art of balancing commitments and coaching are explore and some useful tools are discussed.

Basketball Coaching and Using Key Word Searches; outlines the significant strategies around searching for information across the internet.

Basketball Coaching for Better Results; provides some simple steps on how to improve the skills involved in basketball coaching.

Basketball Coaching for Longevity; the strategies that can lead to a coaches long term success within the basketball coaching role are explored.

Game Sense Approach to Basketball Coaching: Game Sense is the coaching strategy focused on development through team or group based activity. A great method for junior children’s coaching. This article provides some guidance on how to implement the strategy into a training session.

How to Create your Own Drill Bank: a drill bank is a collection of drills specific to a coach. This article discusses how to best develop this resource.

Thinking about Safety at Basketball Training: a very confronting topic for most coaches is safety at training sessions and the risks associated with this. This article highlights some areas that coaches should be on the look out for.

Using a Coaching Board: one of the most valuable tools a coach has at their disposal is a Basketball Whiteboard. This article looks how to get the most out of this tool for the benefit of the team and the coach.


The above links will help provide some guidance for a coach in regards to basketball coaching and the everyday aspects of the role. By reading these articles and checking back periodically as a coach you will have an opportunity to think about some of the less talked about points of coaching. This includes the doing the small things right and becoming a successful coach.


As with all styles, not one individual basketball coach is perfect or is without some weaknesses that could be improved. When basketball coaching try to use the information contained within these pages, but also look to form your own style or way of doing things. By doing this and reflecting on the reasons why is the start of developing your own coaching philosophy.


Asking the reasons why something you have tried works and if this can this be replicated in future situations is a really good process for developing knowledge and skills needed in basketball coaching for ongoing success.