Functional Basketball Coaching (FBC) is always on the lookout for innovative and beneficial partners to help reach new heights of success. Functional Basketball Coaching’s areas of interest are wide and diverse and for this reason we are always looking to gain new insight into training, development and resources within the sports community. At FBC while we look to specialise our knowledge in the sport of basketball we also have interests in developing all sports to make the possibility of a truly professional sports industry possible.


Maybe you are a coach looking to gain exposure or a new coaching philosophy or concept?

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Functional Basketball Coaching is always looking for professional partnership opportunities with industry leaders and visionaries (Photo by Zach Taylor)


Maybe you are an inventor of a new basketball training tool?


Maybe you would like to speak with Functional Basketball Coaching about contributing to our coverage of basketball around the globe?


The good news is we want to be partners with you to fulfil your ideas potential and bring to the world an new way of doing things for the better.


No matter what your reason for trying to improve the sports landscape contact us at Functional Basketball Coaching to see if we can help.


If you feel that Functional Basketball Coaching and your organisation have common goals, why not contact us today for an opportunity to discuss how Functional Basketball Coaching can help. Complete the electronic form on the Contact Us page so we can start thinking of ways about how we can mutually benefit together!