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Teaching the Baseball Pass in Basketball

The Baseball Pass is one of the passes in basketball that players will experiment with by default. In attempting to generate more power for a longer pass or to try and accelerate the ball faster when passing the fundamental action of the Baseball Pass will often be employed by players.

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Thinking about Small Ball Strategy

Small Ball is the name given to a style of basketball were height and low post play is at a minimum. Small Ball has evolved because a number of reasons in the modern game of basketball as the sport spreads across the globe. Obviously, at the junior level Small Ball is all about just not having access to genuine Centres and Power Forwards.

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When to Change to a Zone Defence during a Game

A Zone Defence is just one of a large array of options that a coach has during a game. If you do not have an “array of options” then you probably need to think about how you will manage a wider range of situations defensively. A Zone Defence,

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Full Court Press Mentality: Accepting Lay-ups

The Full Court Press is one of the very special defences a team can utilise to play attacking basketball without being in possession of the ball. The Full Court Press can provide a number of positives for a team such as scoring in runs and decreasing an opponent’s lead quickly.

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One and Done Fast Break Drill

The One and Done Fast Break Drill looks to promote the physical activity and intensity of players displayed when advancing the ball up the floor. This is achieved within the drill by limiting the amount of dribbles any one player can take at any one time. The One and Done Fast Break Drill will help a team to increase their effort and offensive awareness by asking players even more than one pass away from the ball to take an active responsibility in advancing a ball down the court.

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