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Primary Transition: Numbered Transition Offense

The Numbered Transition Offense is a simple Primary Transition Play that allows different variations with players able to make reads on the run and adjust to the many scenarios on the floor. Many teams run different options around this principle, and the strength behind this play is the ability to change the placement of players to work towards the strengths of specific individuals.

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Platteville Passing Drill

The Platteville Passing Drill is a base activity for an initial warm-up or initial skill development focus around passing and receiving. The Platteville Passing Drill focuses on some key instruction points that are at the core of good technique and effort based success when passing in basketball. The drills focus lies in the technique around individual offense such as triple threat stance,

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Curl and Passing Drill

The Curl and Passing Drill looks to bring some high tempo offensive movements together with precision passing. The Curl and Passing Drill has two focus points for the drill. The first element is the offensive curl by the receiver. Many times while on offense, perimeter players fail to put themselves into a good “catching to make a move”

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1000 MPH Recovery Conditioning Drill

The 1000 MPH Recovery Conditioning Drill is a great activity or helping develop a team’s stamina and perseverance. The drill focuses on repeated and constant physical pressure on players to perform the desired skills even under fatigued conditions. As a bye product of this challenge the 1000 MPH Recovery Conditioning Drill provides an opportunity for a team to overcome adversity and develop some ownership over their performances no matter how small the effort based activity.

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1-4 Offense: Kentucky Turn Out

The 1-4 Offense: Kentucky Turn Out Play provides some opportunities early for quick scoring offense while still allowing for a standard offensive flow to happen. As always with 1-4 Offense sees the defence pulled away from the basket and having to play higher in the half court or risk offensive players being left open for long-range shots.

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