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Coach Riches on Podcast

Recently the founder of Functional Basketball Basketball, Chris Riches had an interview on the Podcast, Australian Basketball Coach.

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Preparing for Tournament Play: Team Cohesion

A Tournament for any team provides a number of great opportunities to promote team cohesion and unity. A tournament if managed well provides a stable and consistent environment that allows a coach and their staff to control more of the variables then at any other time while in training.

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Overusing Drills for Your Team

When looking to start out planning a training session many coaches will start by formatting a session in the time-honored way of selecting activities or Drills for a warm-up, skills based section, tactical segment and then finally finishing with some conditioning and cool-down activities. This strategy helps give some fundamental structure to a session,

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Junior Athletes and Nutrition; Better Talk to the Parents

With the growing degree of professionalism being expanded in sports aspects such as Nutrition are now commonplace in off court education sessions. Many programs invest significant monies into promoting good nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in addition to an athlete needing to compete. Nutritionist featured on most regular season payrolls within professional programs just the same as sports psychologists,

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Preparing for Tournament Play: Scouting

Scouting is one of the more important aspects to a coach’s preparation for a tournament. For many coaches the act of scouting itself has a number of flow on effects within the team’s preparation and overall scheduling of events during a tournament. Developing a deeper understanding about scouting when heading into a tournament situation can therefore have a significant impact on an outcome as well as the how time is spent.

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