Quotes for Coaching

Quotes are a tool that has been used in coaching for as long as organised sport has been happening. Quotes have been used to motivate, inspire and help athletes in general to imagine what can happen if their potential is fulfilled. Using quotes as a vehicle for conveying meaning and triggering an emotive response in the people present are just some of the benefits.


Quotes help focus on the rewards that are possible as an outcome from an investment of effort, hard work, and commitment. A common problem for players is to focus on risks instead of rewards.


Quotes however communicate a short and shape piece of information. The meaning of quote is affected greatly by the perception of the person hearing it. This is why using quotes is only one part of the puzzle. Other activities and actions like group discussions, active questioning, and listening are all part of the process of changing a group of individuals into a team.


Quotes can Help Visualise your Goals (Source: in transition)

Quotes can Help Visualise your Goals (Source: in transition)

It is always important to remember that quotes alone do not provide all the answers. Quotes are the starting point for discussion and dialogue. Spending time developing a group consensus around what the focus of the quote is, discussing what affect it can have on your team’s situation are all great strategies for gaining great results from the use of a quote.


Below is a series of quote categories that have been compiled to help with finding the right quote for your situation. All of the quotes have been selected for their appropriateness to be used in coaching and changing the lives of those working around your program to do great things.


Down at Halftime: Quotes selected to jolt athletes and players alike back onto what needs to be achieved to turn around a poor first half performance.

Fear: Quotes for approaching one of the most challenging subjects; Fear. These quotes are tools to discuss and belittle the fear into its rightful place.

Following a Loss: Quotes compiled together to help during those times when defeat is all too harsh and can blind us to the opening that in loosing can be a valuable lesson for future success.

Hard Work and Effort: Quotes for when your team needs that little extra to empty the tank and give that little bit more.

Motivation and Inspiration: Quotes selected for their general theme of raising the spirit when said aloud and embraced.

Reflection: This is a collection of quotes especially for coaches and those times when the going gets a little too tough

Teamwork: Quotes selected to highlight the needs associated with becoming a team and the endless prospects that can be unlocked from this endeavour.


During games, before the start of play, during halftime and post-match time is at a premium. You will not have the time to discuss and breakdown the theme behind the quote. In this situation, quotes can be used as a quick way to start to build or rebuild the team’s emotions into a positive and refocused mindset.


One of the other strategies commonly used to incorporate quotes into team activities is by using them within team manuals and resources. To help highlight key points needed for the success of the team’s effort, a carefully selected quote can always be a good tool to help remind players of what needs to be done to achieve success.


Quotes can also be used as part of the process to set team goals, rules and themes. Sometimes using quotes in these situations can simply define why or how a achieving a goal, following a rule or defining a certain style of play will lead to success.