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Primary Transition: Numbered Transition Offense

The Numbered Transition Offense is a simple Primary Transition Play that allows different variations with players able to make reads on the run and adjust to the many scenarios on the floor. Many teams run different options around this principle, and the strength behind this play is the ability to change the placement of players to work towards the strengths of specific individuals.

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Link Passing Transition Drill

The Link Passing Transition Drill integrates the use of all possible passes within basketball while proving a scenario specific to practicing one of the more troublesome aspects of transition, the second or link pass.


The Link Passing Transition Drill starts with an offensive player (One) positioned under the basket at one end of the floor.

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Ball Reversal to Score Drill

The Ball Reversal to Score Drill looks to help players develop the set of technical skills needed as well as offensive awareness to be able to score in the post from ball rotation on the perimeter. As players become more and more athletic they become more aggressive and intense in defence.

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Advancing the Ball out of the Backcourt with Speed

The Backcourt is the no-man’s land for an offense. Scoring passes very rarely originate from this area and if anything, this area of the court serves more as a heightened place of anxiety and nerves. Being stuck in the backcourt for a player without a clear idea of what to do is a recipe for disaster.

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Your Zone Offense stops Working in a Game! What do you do…

For many teams having a Zone Offense is just part of a good plan in preparing for all the challenges of a game situation. In some circumstances, teams might even have two or three different offenses, or variations of offenses to deal will all the possible zone defence challenges anticipated.

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