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Primary Transition: Numbered Transition Offense

The Numbered Transition Offense is a simple Primary Transition Play that allows different variations with players able to make reads on the run and adjust to the many scenarios on the floor. Many teams run different options around this principle, and the strength behind this play is the ability to change the placement of players to work towards the strengths of specific individuals.

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1-4 Offense: Kentucky Turn Out

The 1-4 Offense: Kentucky Turn Out Play provides some opportunities early for quick scoring offense while still allowing for a standard offensive flow to happen. As always with 1-4 Offense sees the defence pulled away from the basket and having to play higher in the half court or risk offensive players being left open for long-range shots.

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1-4 Patterned Motion Offense: Crossover Cut

The 1-4 Patterned Motion Offense is a fantastic basketball play for teams to utilise. As a starting point for teams to implement as part of their initial playbook the continuity of the offense makes it very easy to learn and perform.


For senior teams the 1-4 Patterned Motion Offense Crossover Cut Play should be used as an option for a base or core play.

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Two Solutions for What to do When a Team Offense Breaks Down

A sense of panic for players and coaches is hard to control whenever a Team Offense breaks down. It can happen quickly and without any real indication of what is going to happen in the coming moments of the contest. For some team’s just one instance of this happening during a game can be enough to throw their rhythm off for the entire quarter.

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Press Breaker: 1-4 Circle Cut

A Press Breaker helps bring peace of mind to players on the court when they are experiencing a high level of pressure from full court defence. The Press Breaker 1-4 Circle Cut Play is specially designed for when teams are facing a high-pressure situation using man-to-man defensive principles.

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