Workshops & Seminars

Functional Basketball Coaching provides a number of options for businesses and programs looking to fill a gap in their knowledge. With services from the smaller participant number workshops up to the virtually unlimited audience number seminars. Functional Basketball Coaching can be a solution for you.


Functional Basketball Coaching's Workshops help provide knowledge in a friendly and supportive environment (Photo Source: Jirka Matousek)

Functional Basketball Coaching’s Workshops help provide knowledge in a friendly and supportive environment (Photo Source: Jirka Matousek)

At Functional Basketball Coaching a wide range of workshops can be provided to meet the specific needs of your organisation or company. With topics ranging from business to management and throughout a suite of subjects within the sport’s industry. The experts at Functional Basketball Coaching have been involved in the sports industry for many years filling roles and responsibilities including (but not limited to):


  • Coach Education
  • Coach Development
  • Referee Education
  • Referee Development
  • Athletes Development
  • Athlete Identification
  • Technical and Tactical
  • Physiological and Psychological
  • Sports Management and Business


A wide variety of topics can be covered. If you do not see a category above which represents what you want please contact us with your enquiry. At Functional Basketball Coaching we are always looking to meet the needs of the basketball and greater sporting community to build a stronger future.


No matter your topic, at Functional Basketball Coaching we have the experience, knowledge and services which can be of help to your program or organisation.


Functional Basketball Coaching workshop format can be varied to meet your individual needs. Participant activities which promote engagement, facilitate understanding and provide a wide reaching positive experience are constant features of our philosophy.


Seminars which allow for information and messages to be disseminated throughout a great number of audience members can also be provided. Using this method of communication grassroots community groups can meet the needs of a wide range of various knowledge and skill levels without the possible burden of greater individual costs.




Why not contact us today for an opportunity to discuss your needs and how Functional Basketball Coaching can help. Complete the electronic form on the Contact Us page to take your first step in the right direction today!