As a Coach there is always a little more to know (Photo Source: Juhan Sonin)
As a Coach there is always a little more to know (Photo Source: Juhan Sonin)

There is always something to be done when involved in Basketball Coaching. From the moment a person steps into the role of becoming a basketball coach, they start on a never-ending journey of discovery and reinvention. To help support this process of constant improvement Functional Basketball Coaching has compiled some articles specifically targeted at coaches who are at the intermediate level of basketball coaching.


So how do you know if your basketball coaching is at the intermediate level?


Well probably the easiest way is to look at some of the characteristics of an intermediate coach:


  • Are you coach a junior representative team?
  • Are you coach players under the age of eighteen?
  • Do you have more than two years’ experience, but less than ten years?
  • Are you aspiring to coach state or territory junior representative teams?
  • Are you aspiring to coach older age groups?


If you answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions then there is a good chance that at least in part the links to the various resources below will be of some assistance. Basketball coaching is not a simple process and there are many different ways in which the art or craft of coaching can be performed. The resources below help progress a coach’s knowledge from just learning about the sport to refining that knowledge into something more.


5 Ways to Improve the Role of the Team’s Bench during Games: In this blog post Functional Basketball Coaching discusses some of the ways in which a team’s bench must be effective for a good team to become a great team.

Eight Tips to Change-up your Drills:  this article looks at the ways in which a coach can change their existing drills to put a fresh spin on them.

Four Things to make your Warm-up Better: this discussion focuses on the need to improve a team’s warm-up as a way of setting the tone for the games outcome.

Four Ways to think about Substitutions Strategically: highlights some of the strategies behind making substitutions more effectively during games. Also examines those times a substitution is demanded for during games.

How to Improve Your Teams Decision Making: this article looks to explore some of the techniques that can easily be incorporated into your training sessions to help players improve their decision making. Decision making is vital fortrat players being able to put their technical skills into effect during games and experience success.

Mistakes Made by Coaches during the Halftime Talk: This blog post discusses some of the common problems coaches experience as they try to deliver their message to the team at halftime. We are all human, and sometimes our human nature gets the best of us…

Make your Standard Defence a Stopper Defence: the discussion within this article centres on the importance of making the defence you use the most, your best and most effective defence.

Managing Team Offense during Games: this article provides some advice for coaches on how to manage their team’s offense during games. From how to analysis what is working to identifying problems and overcoming them.

Situations that Demand Special Plays: this discussion centres on the needs for special plays within a coaches playbook. What are the obvious and not so obvious times when a coach may look to a special play to make something happen?

The Drill Selection Differences between Junior and Senior Teams: this article looks at the difference between junior teams that sometimes are forgotten or overlooked.

The Many Different Phases of Offense: examines the numerous phases a team’s offense goes through during a possession. To build a trying dynamic team requires the ability to score in all phases.

Warning Signs to look for about Team Offense: this blog post examines the symptoms a coach should be aware of concerning their team’s offense. These issues are using earlier warning signs of more significant problems to come if left unattended.

What Causes a Turnover?: this article looks at not only the problems causes by turnovers on a teams play, but what causes these issues. The article then lists some simple methods to alleviate the most common problems that players and coaches experience.

What is Drill Progression?: this article looks at how to structure the drills within your training session to get the most of the valuable time you have. This information is set against the back drop of building the difficulty and complexity of the drills selected to also continue to keep players engaged.


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