All basketball teams need a mixture of players to fulfill different roles and tasks to the benefit of all (Photo Source: Eric Kilby)
All basketball teams need a mixture of players to fulfill different roles and tasks to the benefit of all (Photo Source: Eric Kilby)

The Basketball Player Positions can seem very similar to the ordinary viewer of a game of basketball. This nowhere more true than at the junior levels of the sport as players battle not the challenges presented by the sport, but also their own bodies. Many junior players have to shift through a number of different basketball player positions over the course of their career due to their skill and physiological development.


To help with this transition between basketball playing positions Functional Basketball Coaching (FBC) has compiled a detailed list of articles to help coaches, parents and administrators better understand the challenges faced in this task. Some of the articles below provide information about general positional requires, but others will highlight a wide range of aspects concerning the basketball playing positions.


Understanding the differences between the basketball playing positions is very important for coaches in being able to identify where players under their direction are best suited. This for junior players can be a very important part of their development. Playing in certain positions within basketball will provide different opportunities depending on the position. Put simply, certain skill sets are associated with different basketball player positions. If an individual is positioned in the Center position, then they are less likely to receive opportunities to dribble the ball when compared to a Point Guard. These choices by a coach can have a lasting effect, both position and negative on a players development. So making the right choice is important.


Basketball Player Positions Explained:


Player Positions in Basketball: Overview about the different basketball player positions that everyone should be aware of

Center / Five: Explanation about the vital technical, Tactical and physiological skills associated with the Center basketball player position. Often offensively playing in the Post and anchoring a team’s defence from the keyway.

Power Forward / Four: Explanation about the fundamental technical, Tactical and physiological skills important to the Power Forward position. A blue collar post player on offense who must be an aggressive rebounder both offensively and defensively.

Small Forward / Finesse Forward / Three: Information concerning the central technical, Tactical and physiological skills of a Small Forward.

Shooting Guard / Two Guard / Two: Explanation about the fundamental technical, Tactical and physiological skills linked with the Shooting Guard basketball player position.

Point Guard / One: Explanation about the important technical, Tactical and physiological skills significant to the Point Guard position


Articles About Basketball Player Positions Development:


Changing Basketball Playing Positions: this article explains how to shift players between the different playing positions

Four Ways to think about Substitutions Strategically: This post examines the different are situations in a game of basketball where a coach must be prepared to make tactical adjustments. This is often related to player positions and flexibility within the team dynamic that is pivotal to player selection and development

How to Create a Mismatch in Offense: information in regards to how to create offensive opportunities. These are related to tactical strategies as well as basketball player positions

The Invaluable Sixth Man: This blog post examines the role of the Sixth Man. A valuable contributor in the sport of basketball unlike any other across other sports in general


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