V-Repetition Shooting Drill

The V-Repetition Shooting Drill is a great activity for allowing players to shoot a high number of shots in a small amount of time. Because of the movement involved in the activity the V-Repetition Shooting Drill it also has a conditioning component that helps increase the challenge faced by an individual. The V-Repetition Shooting Drill can be used for testing shot consistency also so players can be measured easily within a training session and player improvement monitored over the course of a season.

V-Repetition Shooting Drill Diagram 1
V-Repetition Shooting Drill Diagram 1

The V-Repetition Shooting Drill starts with the intended shooter at the point position.


The drill starts when one of the rebounders (Two and Three) slaps the ball or a coach calls out.


One (1) sprints to one of the elbows receives a pass from a rebounder, shoots and then back tracks to the Point Position. It is suggested the players runs backwards around the cone or mark and then heads forward to the next catching position.


The movement is then repeated to the opposite elbow.


As a warning for younger players especially, but any player in general, running backwards might be too risky depending on the ability of the player to control their own movement. In these situations, allow the player to turn and run around the cone.


Ensure the shooter always carries their hands to present a target and is catching the ball from a low position so they are quick to commence an upward movement into their shot.


To build in some further technical development within the V-Repetition Shooting Drill players can be instructed to perform either a jump stop or stride stop when shooting. If using this as a measuring tool remember that changing the type of stop will have an effect on the players shooting percentage and both stops should then be tested in this instance.


Similarly, the rebounders can also focus on some fundamental skills as well. Rebounders should look to make strong, flat passes to the shooter at all times. The passes should be at the hands of the shooter as they reach the intend catching position.


When rebounding the players (Two and Three) should look to catch the ball in the air at the top of their jump displaying good timing and coordination. When landing the rebounder should look to fishing their catch in a jump-stop. This will allow them to pivot in either direction (forwards and backwards) and on either foot (left or right).


The V-Repetition Shooting Drill can be based around a timed period in which players are simply moving backwards and forwards shooting continuously. Alternatively, the drill can also be based around a score or a certain number of shots made before a player can rotate out of the shooters role.

V-Repetition Shooting Drill Diagram 2
V-Repetition Shooting Drill Diagram 2

The V-Repetition Shooting Drill can be utilised anywhere in the half court. In the diagram above the markers have been moved to a position that is possibly more suited to a team’s offense. These markers can be easily moved to any position to make the drill more specific to a team’s needs.


The V-Repetition Shooting Drill of course can also be performed on the three-point line for long range shooting. In this instance however, it may be beneficial to utilise three rebounders instead of the standard two.


While the drill does look to be simple at first, it can be very challenging from a fitness perspective. The length of time should be monitored closely to ensure there is a balance between the shooting and conditioning component of the drill initially. This can be increased as players develop stamina.


While the V-Repetition Shooting Drill does challenge players physically, shooting under fatigued can have benefits for a player’s consistency and efficiency in games.

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