Titan Shooting Drill

The Titan Shooting Drill is a very useful team based activity. The Titan Shooting Drill facilitates multiple players to be shooting within the activity on only two baskets. For teams not able to utilise a large number of basketball hoops for the purposes of their training sessions the Titan Shooting Drill can be a very good activity for a team to utilise for individuals to shoot a great number of shots in very quick succession.


The Titan Shooting Drill focuses on players rotating through three spots on each end of the floor. At each spot the players will shoot until they “make” a certain amount of shots from each position. In the diagram below these spots are positioned along the foul line but the three spots could be anywhere on the floor. These spots should obviously from a tactical perspective, reflect the position from which players’ receive the ball in a team’s offence to shoot from. Additionally another option is to have players perform linked skills from each spot. Such as catching the ball and using one dribble before performing a pull-up jump shot to simulate an on-ball screen movement.


The target under which teams rotate from one spot to the next while competing against one another can be set in any number of different ways. Some examples may include:


  • Teams may have to make a consecutive amount of shots in a row
  • Teams may need to make a number shots in total
  • Teams may need to make a sequence of scoring opportunities; for example, the first player must make a lay-up, player two might need to make a mid-range jump shot and the final player may need to make a three-point shot.
  • Teams may have to make a certain number of shots in a given time period determined by the coach


If not looking to set a target or goal for each group to aim for then another option is to have the rebounder closeout at the shooter to add some game like pressure to the performance of the shot. This will help the shooter learn to maintain focus on the target while a moving object is coming towards them. This is a great variation for junior players who have become competent with the basic action of shooting and now need to move onto game-paced shooting activities.


Players who did not reach the target can also have some sort of penalty attached to their rotation. This might be as simple as a push-up, sit-up or crunch.


The Titan Shooting Drill is a great warm-up or cool-down activity and is a fantastic way of putting sports specific activities into these areas.

Titan Shooting Drill Diagram 1
Titan Shooting Drill Diagram 1

Player divide up into six groups then take a position on the elbows or middle of free-throw line at both ends of court.


Coach sets a target for each group to attempt to reach.


The first group that reaches the target calls out “Rotate, Rotate, Rotate” and then all groups rotate clockwise to next position.


The Titan Shooting Drill is a great activity for helping integrate putting up a large number of shots into a training session. The Titan Shooting Drill can be much more though for a team then just this basic aspect. Apply some changes to the drill to make it specific to a team’s offense to allow for greater challenges to players.

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