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Behaviour Management for Young Players

For any coach the challenge of controlling a group of young athletes can be intimidating, the strategies that form part of the process are called behaviour management.

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Coach Riches on Podcast

Recently the founder of Functional Basketball Basketball, Chris Riches had an interview on the Podcast, Australian Basketball Coach.

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Primary Transition: Numbered Transition Offense

The Numbered Transition Offense is a simple Primary Transition Play that allows different variations with players able to make reads on the run and adjust to the many scenarios on the floor. Many teams run different options around this principle, and the strength behind this play is the ability to change the placement of players to work towards the strengths of specific individuals.

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4 Spot Keyway Rebounding Drill

The 4 Spot Keyway Rebounding Drill sets up a very specific scenario with regards to the game of basketball. The 4 Spot Keyway Rebounding Drill focuses on the interior confinement of the keyway as the staging area for a close contact rebounding activity. This is the strength behind the drill,

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4 Man Closeout Drill

The 4 Man Closeout Drill provides an opportunity for multiple players to practice and refine their closeout technique. The 4 Man Closeout Drill looks to provide a high repetition drill to specifically work on the closeout specifics within one or two dribbles of initially guarding the ball. Within the game of basketball,

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