Offering a wide range of products and services Functional Basketball Coaching is a sports consultancy service. Functional Basketball Coaching is an industry leader in the provision of sports management, basketball knowledge and coaching services. The Consultancy Services offered by Functional Basketball Coaching are geared towards the ongoing success of your organisation.


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The driving force behind Functional Basketball Coaching is a philosophy of understanding. By starting with the big picture and drilling down to the individual details our Sports Consultancy services consider a wide range of beneficial aspects for the individuals involved and the organisation as a whole. Whether it is general sports or basketball specific our professionals can meet your needs.


Functional Basketball Coaching provides a number of specialised services for the development of coaches’ personal and professional skills and knowledge. The services provided by Functional Basketball Coaching are designed to complement existing coaching education courses through your regional, state, national body and management organisations.


The professionals at Functional Basketball Coaching can provide a number of consultative services for your personal development, team management or organisational strategic and operational needs.


Our professional services complement big or small organisations. Tapping into experience and training within business, management and sports environments our dedicated team will meet the challenges of your organisational needs.


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