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Wing to Post Deny the Pass Drill

The Wing to Post Deny the Pass Drill is an activity used to help players deny perimeter to post cuts by an offense. Good ball rotation is a common way offenses use to gain space and good postposition. The Wing to Post Deny the Pass Drill looks to provide an opportunity for defensive players to practice denying this type of positioning from occurring,

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Platteville Passing Drill

The Platteville Passing Drill is a base activity for an initial warm-up or initial skill development focus around passing and receiving. The Platteville Passing Drill focuses on some key instruction points that are at the core of good technique and effort based success when passing in basketball. The drills focus lies in the technique around individual offense such as triple threat stance,

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Three Target Passing Drill

The Three Target Passing Drill is a great activity for helping players with their accuracy when passing. Many passing drills focus on passing, but with a wide margin of error in executing the pass. The Three Target Passing Drill looks to blend not only the act of passing in a game like situation,

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Sideline Push Passing Drill

The Sideline Push Passing Drill looks to create a common moment in a team’s Fast Break or Primary Transition where a player has to judge if a pass down the sideline is the right option, or a bad option. This is often a situation which is not normally practiced in isolation and for this reason the different options available to players are often not fully realised.

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Father Judge Passing Drill

The Father Judge Passing Drill looks to help players with leading for the ball and passing in the full court. All too often drills which focus on passing fail to do so in game realistic movements, focusing more on the accuracy and making the distance in passing rather than the tactical aspects.

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