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Advancing the Ball out of the Backcourt with Speed

The Backcourt is the no-man’s land for an offense. Scoring passes very rarely originate from this area and if anything, this area of the court serves more as a heightened place of anxiety and nerves. Being stuck in the backcourt for a player without a clear idea of what to do is a recipe for disaster.

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5 Common Problems seen during Developmental Passing and Receiving

Passing and Receiving is a vital area of concern for any coach involved in basketball, and to a larger extent sports such as Netball. Passing and receiving form the most utilised fundamental offensive skills within basketball. Therefore, the ability for a player to be able to perform this action is going to be vital in how well a team is able to function overall during its offensive possessions.

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Platteville Passing Drill

The Platteville Passing Drill is a base activity for an initial warm-up or initial skill development focus around passing and receiving. The Platteville Passing Drill focuses on some key instruction points that are at the core of good technique and effort based success when passing in basketball. The drills focus lies in the technique around individual offense such as triple threat stance,

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