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How to Dribble a Basketball

When teaching players How to Dribble a Basketball there are some core instruction points to help with the uptake of the skill. Instructing players in how to dribble a basketball if approached focusing too much on the fundamental movements will only confuse, delay development and can have effect of disenchanting a players enjoyment of the game.

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1 v 1 Speed Dribble Drill

The 1 v 1 Speed Dribble Drill is a simple, yet effective activity for helping players to develop their own ability to advance a ball up the court at pace. Too often players struggle to control the basketball when dribbling once they achieve a certain speed. By practicing this technique within the 1 v 1 Speed Dribble Drill players will develop more confidence and competence in performing this very under-trained skill.

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One and Done Fast Break Drill

The One and Done Fast Break Drill looks to promote the physical activity and intensity of players displayed when advancing the ball up the floor. This is achieved within the drill by limiting the amount of dribbles any one player can take at any one time. The One and Done Fast Break Drill will help a team to increase their effort and offensive awareness by asking players even more than one pass away from the ball to take an active responsibility in advancing a ball down the court.

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5 Points of Emphasis for when a Ball Handler is being Trapped

Being Trapped can be one of the more troubling experiences a ball handler can have in the game of basketball. If trapped effectively the dribbler will only have a few moments from the initial trapping situation starting, to when they are fully contained by the defenders.


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Weak Hand Dribbling Drill

The Weak Hand Dribbling Drill looks to promote players confidence with their non-dominant hand. Basketball is a sport where players will need to develop their skills to overcome challenges posed by defences and playing in a sports environment that is three hundred and sixty degrees. To be successful at this a player must develop the ability for them to use both their left and right hands autonomously.

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