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Weak Hand Dribbling Drill

The Weak Hand Dribbling Drill looks to promote players confidence with their non-dominant hand. Basketball is a sport where players will need to develop their skills to overcome challenges posed by defences and playing in a sports environment that is three hundred and sixty degrees. To be successful at this a player must develop the ability for them to use both their left and right hands autonomously.

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Chicken Dribbling Drill

The Chicken Dribbling Drill is a great drill for exposing players to the fundamentals of dribbling while also forcing the individual to focus on what is happening ahead of them. When players have progressed past the stage of stationary and isolated dribbling activities, the Chicken Dribbling Drill can be a very useful activity for then exposing players to multiple aspects to focus upon while performing a skill and at pace.

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Changing Direction in the Close-out: Advanced Skills in Defence

The Close-out is one of the most demanding skill performed by a player in the sport of basketball. The close-out fills the gap between what the defence can give and what the situation demands. The close-out when taught is a pretty straight forward technique. There are not that many variations amongst coaches in regards to how this skill is taught.

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