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Pick and Roll Drill Series

One of the most popular tactics used in modern basketball is the on-ball screen and the Pick and Roll Drill Series looks to provide an opportunity to explore some of the options out of this two-player situation. A good on-ball screen between two athletic players can be one of the hardest tactics to deny at least some sort of scoring option to.

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King of the Court Drill

The King of the Court Drill is one of the more well know drills around any basketball court, and many other sporting fields as well. The King of the Court Drill focuses on creating a highly competitive environment in which players can challenge each other for supremacy.

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Defending On-Ball Screens based on the Shot-Clock: Advanced Tactics in Defence

Defending On-Ball Screens is one of the many different areas that are usually of concern for many coaches. There is a need to be able to guard a screen with a number of different strategies, for different situations or to counter offensive player preferences. However, as a defending team there needs to be an acknowledgement of what the individual defensive players can do effectively.

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Pick and Roll Offense; Double On-Ball Screen Variation

The Pick and Roll Offense and its many variations are one of the most favourable plays currently being utilised around many of the world’s elite basketball competitions. It creates fantastic scoring opportunities out of a two-man game. To Challenge opposition defenders further this Double On-Ball Screen play allows for a pick and roll tactic to be executed on one side of the floor before being reversed to the opposite side if required.

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Passing into the Post: Perimeter Player after the Pass

Passing into the post has a number of difference tactical elements. In the first instance passing into the post starts with the perimeter player. Then focus moves to the interior player and how offense is generated. The next phase within this two man game is the perimeter player’s movement after the pass.

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