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Basketball Player Positions Explained: Power Forward

The Power Forward (PF) for a basketball team in the modern era of basketball holds down the interior offense of a team. With the decline of genuine Centers throughout the world of basketball, the PF has had to step up and become the primary scorer within a team’s offense within and around the keyway.

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Basketball Player Positions Explained: Shooting Guard

The Shooting Guard position in basketball for many years has been seen as one of the primary scorers on offense. This position also called the Two Guard is often associated with needing to be one of the most varied scorers within a team. Predominately associated with the perimeter the Shooting Guard must possess a depth and breadth of skill only matched by the Small Forward in basketball.

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Basketball Player Positions Explained: Center

Probably the rarest of all basketball positions is a specialised Center (C). In basketball, the C brings together a number of specialised skills and attributes which make it one of the most dominate and unique positions in the sport. Because of the mixture of the physical and skill based requirements finding a C,

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Finding the Inform Player in your Offense

A inform Player is an athlete within your team that is having a good game or series of games. A inform player or sometimes called the player with the “hot” hand is usually out performing what is usually expected from them within the game strategy. For this reason, defensive teams might be looking to deny this player the ball,

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