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Ball Reversal to Score Drill

The Ball Reversal to Score Drill looks to help players develop the set of technical skills needed as well as offensive awareness to be able to score in the post from ball rotation on the perimeter. As players become more and more athletic they become more aggressive and intense in defence.

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Bump and Move Big Man Drill

The Bump and Move Big Man Drill looks to focus on interior targets working in a highly competitive situation from the Low Post. The drill will focus on the offensive player using a “Bump” to create offensive advantage in the post. The bump tends to be one of a range of offensive skills not often explicitly used due to its obvious peril of resulting in an offensive foul.

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Zone Offense: Interior Players Sealing on Ball Rotation

Fine-tuning a Zone Offense can be a very challenging task for players and their coaches. Many coaches tend to focus on the pattern of executing a team offense against a zone, rather than breaking down the individual roles within the offense. The key to being able to break down a zone offense is making each movement within any offensive structure a possible scoring opening.

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