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Bump and Move Big Man Drill

The Bump and Move Big Man Drill looks to focus on interior targets working in a highly competitive situation from the Low Post. The drill will focus on the offensive player using a “Bump” to create offensive advantage in the post. The bump tends to be one of a range of offensive skills not often explicitly used due to its obvious peril of resulting in an offensive foul.

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Zone Offense: Interior Player Set-up

A Interior Players role when facing a Zone Defence can make or break a team in regards to providing opportunities, or being a passenger within the Zone Offense. Too many times because of interior players do not understand the tactics specific to their role when facing a zone defence they become ineffective and absent from a team’s zone offense points production.

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Mikan Drill

The Mikan Drill is a well-known activity for developing good around the basket technical skills. Primarily seen as a “Big Man” drill, it of course can be implemented to build competency in guards and forwards alike.


The Mikan Drill’s strength lies in the high repetition rate and therefore the ability for players to perform the desired technical skills multiple times in quick succession.

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