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Changing Basketball Playing Positions

So you starting coaching a basketball team and you realise you don’t have one of the playing positions covered. As a coach this is always of concern when evaluating your teams starting line-up. This will also play a part in the overall selection of the team and your squads final make-up.

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Passing into the Post: Perimeter Player in Focus

Passing into the Post is always an interesting area of focus for coaches in developing intermediate technical and tactical skills. Passing into the post is a skill which tends to only shine as an area of importance when you realise your team is not able to do it.

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Introduction to the Shuffle Offense

The Shuffle Offense was one of the earliest basketball offensive strategies developed during the twentieth century. The Shuffle Offense was first created in the 1950s by Coach Bruce Drake at the University of Oklahoma. The “Shuffle” has since become a staple of many basketball programs across the globe and would be one of the more popular systems currently used in basketball today.

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Introduction to the Pick and Roll Offense


Using screens has always been part of any competent modern coach’s offensive game plan, regardless of what level they are coaching at. However, the on-ball screen became widely popular in the 1980’s. Teams focused on the pick and roll offense to utilise the athleticism of players or isolating two players to maximise the tactics potency.

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Player Positions in Basketball

In every sport there are some specific Player Positions that athletes can be placed into and Basketball is no different. In a broad sense within basketball there are three positions where players can play according to their skill set, ability and physical attributes. The three broad player position categories are Forward,

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