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The Importance of the Pivot Foot to an On-Ball Screen

When thinking about on-ball screens one aspect which can be glossed over is the ball handlers Pivot Foot. The pivot foot plays a very significant part in the development of different opportunities involving an on-ball screen. Choosing to adopt one philosophy over another in regards to what foot is to be pivoted on,

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Common Problems seen when Passing to a Cutter

Passing to a Cutter in the half court is really one of the least focused on activities during training sessions. It is however, the most fundamental of techniques in generating and executing offense. Without the ability to pass to cutters every team’s offense would be slow, one dimensional and lack the ability to perform regularly.

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5 Causes of a Low Team Shooting Percentage

At the end of a tight or loosing game, a coach will often reflect upon the statistics of a game and in particular a Team’s Shooting Percentage. This statistic alone often provides a wide range of points for discussion between coaching staff, team members, and the public alike.

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Two Solutions for What to do When a Team Offense Breaks Down

A sense of panic for players and coaches is hard to control whenever a Team Offense breaks down. It can happen quickly and without any real indication of what is going to happen in the coming moments of the contest. For some team’s just one instance of this happening during a game can be enough to throw their rhythm off for the entire quarter.

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Primary Transition: 1st Big Flare

A team’s Primary Transition helps use every second of a possession on the shot clock to its full potential as a scoring opportunity. The Primary Transition 1st Big Flare looks to provide a void in the middle of the keyway for breaking offensive players to move through and acquire good scoring options.

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