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Press Breaker: Point Guard Pivot

The Press Breaker is one of those “get out of jail free” cards every coach must have. When your team faces an effective and well-executed trapping situation in the full court often, the only remedy is to have a press breaker that is well drilled. Relying on your team’s individual ability to beat their man and force their way through the trap is often just wishful thinking.

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Primary Transition: Two Guard Sideline Push

A Primary Transition is the name given to the structured phase in a team’s offense that leads from one end of the floor to the other. The Two Guard Sideline Push play moves the ball down the sideline through a team’s strongest ball handlers.

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Introduction to the Box Offense

The Box Offense began to take favour in the 1970’s as basketball began to become a more free flowing game. As the players became both quicker and faster, there needed to be an offense created that allowed for quick shots that were still from high percentage areas on the floor.

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Working Hard off the Ball in Offense

Working hard off the ball is one of the truly poorly executed parts of team offense. Many payers move through the motions when not holding the ball or not in the primary scoring position for the offense. Even the best, well drilled teams struggle to maintain the ethos of working hard off the ball throughout a game or even more to the point,

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Defensive Transition and the Progression to becoming an Elite Team

Defensive Transition would be one of the last aspects to be developed in many teams’ phases of play. Defensive transition is often left out of discussions about basketball defence and as a result its development as an area of basketball to be philosophised is not widely appreciated.

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