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What is the Difference between an Individual and Team Goal?

A Goal is a term commonly used throughout many fields. Depending on the context, what makes up a goal can vary and be quite different. In a sporting context, goals can mean different things depending on the sport. Different sports, different programs, and different teams will all have their own way or organising,

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Shuffle Offense: Four Flat into Hand-off

The Shuffle Offense has a number of benefits for increasing player movement. One of the key features of the Shuffle Offense, is the Shuffle Cut. This movement brings a player from one side of the floor, to the other side, in one quick action. This dramatically shifts not only the spread of offensive players in the quarter court,

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Shuffle Offense: Dual Cut to On-Ball

The Shuffle Offense is always a favourite for rapidly shifting players from one side of the floor to the other with the Shuffle Cut. The Dual Cut to On-Ball Play is no different with the Shuffle Cut bringing a player away from the strong side of the floor to over load the weak side creating multiple cut opportunities to keep defenders always shifting and challenging their ability to establish good help defence positions.

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Introduction to the Zipper Offense

The Zipper Offense could be run by itself or as the entrance into multiple different offenses. This was especially challenging for defences of the time and as a result the offense leads to a number of high percentage shots. The basic set-up for the Zipper Offense is a continuity offense meaning it has the ability to be run on both sides of the floor continuously.

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Introduction to the Shuffle Offense

The Shuffle Offense was one of the earliest basketball offensive strategies developed during the twentieth century. The Shuffle Offense was first created in the 1950s by Coach Bruce Drake at the University of Oklahoma. The “Shuffle” has since become a staple of many basketball programs across the globe and would be one of the more popular systems currently used in basketball today.

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