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Box Offense: High On-Ball Play

One of the great features of a Box Offense is it condenses the defence into a very small area. This spacing allows the offense to gain a large amount of clean space on the floor to move within. The Box Offense High On-Ball Play looks to rapidly bring defenders away from the keyway with each side of the court the play is continued on.

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Box Offense: High Screen and On-ball Screen

The Box Offense is always a good tactic for condensing the defence and pulling every player into the keyway. This can be very effective against defences that are in full denial as it provides the spaced need for the offense to move and gain possession easier.


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Box Offense: Basket Screen (Zone Offense)

The Box Offense lends itself to being effective against zone defences because of the condensed starting position of all players. This starting point means all defensive players are in motion from the start of the offense being reactive, rather than proactive. The Basket Screen Play form the Box Offense forces defenders to make decisions and plays on their weaknesses.

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Introduction to the Box Offense

The Box Offense began to take favour in the 1970’s as basketball began to become a more free flowing game. As the players became both quicker and faster, there needed to be an offense created that allowed for quick shots that were still from high percentage areas on the floor.

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