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Defending On-Ball Screens based on the Shot-Clock: Advanced Tactics in Defence

Defending On-Ball Screens is one of the many different areas that are usually of concern for many coaches. There is a need to be able to guard a screen with a number of different strategies, for different situations or to counter offensive player preferences. However, as a defending team there needs to be an acknowledgement of what the individual defensive players can do effectively.

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Pick and Roll Offense: One Pass On-ball Quick Hitter

The Pick and Roll Offense is a great option for creating good quick hitter options within a very limited amount of time in possession of the ball. The One Pass On-ball Play is one such offense that brings together good offensive principles on a sort timeline.

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Pick and Roll Offense: Horns

The Horns series offence is characterised by dual on-ball screens that make it a variation of a pick and roll offense. The pick and roll offense is a highly popular style of play currently across the globe with many variations of the basic concept being developed and the Horns series is just one of these examples.

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Rubbing Shoulders on the Screen: Doing the Small Things Right

Rubbing Shoulders on the Screen in basketball is one of the simplest ways to increase the effectiveness of any team’s offense. Many teams utilise any number of different screening options in their general offensive play. Variations such as on-ball or off-ball are the two groupings that can discussed broadly,

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