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Pick and Roll Offense: Horns

The Horns series offence is characterised by dual on-ball screens that make it a variation of a pick and roll offense. The pick and roll offense is a highly popular style of play currently across the globe with many variations of the basic concept being developed and the Horns series is just one of these examples.

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Introduction to the Box Offense

The Box Offense began to take favour in the 1970’s as basketball began to become a more free flowing game. As the players became both quicker and faster, there needed to be an offense created that allowed for quick shots that were still from high percentage areas on the floor.

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3-2 Patterned Motion Offense

The 3-2 Patterned Motion Offense is another simple offense useful as a starting point for junior teams or as a basic offense upon which to build for senior teams. A patterned offense relies heavily on the strength of having an offense that players can continue to run until the defence makes an error.

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Introduction to the Wheel Offense

The wheel offense is one of the oldest offensive strategies in basketball. It was one of the offensive fore runners for what we know today as motion and continuity offenses. Aspects of the wheel offense can be seen in many modern offensive structures as well as being an offensive system in its own right.

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Passing into the Post: Perimeter Player after the Pass

Passing into the post has a number of difference tactical elements. In the first instance passing into the post starts with the perimeter player. Then focus moves to the interior player and how offense is generated. The next phase within this two man game is the perimeter player’s movement after the pass.

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