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Press Breaker: 1-4 Circle Cut

A Press Breaker helps bring peace of mind to players on the court when they are experiencing a high level of pressure from full court defence. The Press Breaker 1-4 Circle Cut Play is specially designed for when teams are facing a high-pressure situation using man-to-man defensive principles.

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Press Breaker: Forward Bump

A Press Breaker is a type of transition specially designed to overcome the extended trapping defences. The Press Breaker Forward Bump Play looks to change the sideline down which the ball is passed while using the team’s forwards to help progress the ball. This means the quicker, often more agile players in the full court and best ball handlers are left to fill spaces that are the highest-pressure areas.

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4 Reads that must be made against a Full Court Press

Being a basketball coach and facing a Full Court Press is one of the more interesting times you will have as a coach. No matter how many times you drill a press breaker with your players there is always the fear that it will all come apart at the seams when coaching in a game.

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Press Breaker: Point Guard Pivot

The Press Breaker is one of those “get out of jail free” cards every coach must have. When your team faces an effective and well-executed trapping situation in the full court often, the only remedy is to have a press breaker that is well drilled. Relying on your team’s individual ability to beat their man and force their way through the trap is often just wishful thinking.

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Primary Transition: Two Guard Sideline Push

A Primary Transition is the name given to the structured phase in a team’s offense that leads from one end of the floor to the other. The Two Guard Sideline Push play moves the ball down the sideline through a team’s strongest ball handlers.

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