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The Importance of Body Positioning during a Lay-up

The lay-up is the highest percentage shot outside of the dunk. It is one of the very first skills that young players will attempt, and often is the stuff of nightmares for senior coaches whose teams can squander a certain two points in a moment with a poor attempt.

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1-4 Patterned Motion Offense: Crossover Cut

The 1-4 Patterned Motion Offense is a fantastic basketball play for teams to utilise. As a starting point for teams to implement as part of their initial playbook the continuity of the offense makes it very easy to learn and perform.


For senior teams the 1-4 Patterned Motion Offense Crossover Cut Play should be used as an option for a base or core play.

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Teaching the Pass Fake

The Pass Fake is one of the more effective technical skills in basketball. It is invaluable when facing aggressive opponents or those locked into a zone defence formation. In all of these situations, the Fake is the one tool that can make the difference between players becoming frustrated and making poor choices and opportunities being presented.

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