Triangle Shot Blocking Drill
Triangle Shot Blocking Drill Diagram 1

Triangle Shot Blocking Drill

The Triangle Shot Blocking Drill looks to provide an opportunity for a defensive player to practice their shot blocking around the basketball hoop. Shot blocking is a very challenging activity when initially a player tries to perform the technique. The Triangle Shot Blocking Drill looks to provide a realistic situation, with the potential to have multiple repetitions in a short space of time.


The Triangle Shot Blocking Drill is built around a common scenario where a defender has to adjust to ball rotation and move to cut off an offensive players advance to the hoop and then undertake shot blocking duties.


The Triangle Shot Blocking Drill starts with two offensive players (Three and Four) positioned on opposite sides of the keyway at the double blocks. These players are facing the basketball hoop.

Triangle Shot Blocking Drill Diagram 1

Triangle Shot Blocking Drill Diagram 1

The defender (Five) starts in front of the basketball hoop facing towards the top of the keyway.


The coach stands at the top of the keyway with a basketball ready to start the drill on the pass.


The coach passes to either offensive player (Three or Four). As the ball leaves the coaches hands a call of “Go” lets the defender (Five) know they are allowed to move and start to defend the basket.


Once Three (3) or Four (4) have received the pass they can attempt to perform a lay-up towards the basketball hoop. The offensive players do not need to dribble the basketball, only take one step and then up to the basket.


On the verbal cue of “Go” the defender should swing step to face the side the ball goes to. To do this the defender will pivot on the foot furthest away from the side the ball goes to. This will allow the defender to drop their foot closest to the offensive player directly into the driving lane and from the very first step start to reduce the angle for the lay-up can be performed.


The Triangle Shot Blocking Drill finishes once the offensive player performs the shot.


The Five (5) must continue to box-out following the shot and shot blocking attempt.


The ball is to be recovered and passed back to the coach with each player resuming their original starting positions.




A variation for the Triangle Shot Blocking Drill is to rotate the players around with each repetition of the drill. For example the defender in one repetition moves into the offensive player’s position they are playing against. Defence to offense, and offense to defence. This will help players continually move and keep engaged into the drill.


The Triangle Shot Blocking Drill looks to help players develop the challenging skill of shot blocking. In the modern game teams must have a defensive presence around the basket.

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  1. Jared says:

    Good drill, it’s pretty effective for practicing shot-blocking.

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