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The Importance of Body Positioning during a Lay-up

The lay-up is the highest percentage shot outside of the dunk. It is one of the very first skills that young players will attempt, and often is the stuff of nightmares for senior coaches whose teams can squander a certain two points in a moment with a poor attempt.

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How to Teach a Bounce Pass

The Bounce Pass is a very common skill used in basketball. Often though, the Bounce Pass can be poorly executed and as a result this once most used of all passes, has become discouraged by coaches. Perfecting a Bounce Pass is one thing, but also knowing when to utilise this skills can be another…


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5 Points of Emphasis for when a Ball Handler is being Trapped

Being Trapped can be one of the more troubling experiences a ball handler can have in the game of basketball. If trapped effectively the dribbler will only have a few moments from the initial trapping situation starting, to when they are fully contained by the defenders.


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Teaching a Chest Pass

The Chest Pass forms one of the most utilised skills in basketball. For many players a chest pass will be one of the first skills they practice (even if they do not know what a chest pass is). Passing can have many different variations of the skill. However the chest and overhead pass tend to be the most readily used initially by new players especially because they care common skills associated with a wide range of different sports and activities.

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How to Teach a Lay-up

The Lay-up is one of the most widely used shooting techniques a player will need to learn. Initially when talking about children playing basketball, the lay-up is the only shooting technique commonly used. While the lay-up is very much a  fundamental skill, it does have a few challenges for those new to the sport and for those looking to improve its consistency.

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