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Difference between Short, Medium and Long Term Goals

Goal Setting is an activity that many coaches undertaken with their teams to try to set a point in the horizon for individuals and the team to work towards. Setting targets if completed properly can lead to increased performance and the ability to monitor and evaluate a program on a number of different levels.

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Goal Setting: Common Problems Seen in the Team Context

Setting Goals is possibly one of the truly underrated activities a team can ever look to take part in. Goal setting helps with a wide range of issues within an individual and a team’s development. Setting Goals however is a little more complicated than many of us give it credit for.

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Player’s Individual Goal Setting

As a coach, team and individual goal setting has become one of the more common phrases thrown around the discussion table when discussion planning, performance and outcomes. Linking players to goals they need to perform at their best has become standard practice for many coaches within their teams and can be broken down further to individual goals.

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Strategic Planning


Strategic planning can be a very vital part of your programs success now and into the future. Strategic planning at its most rudimentary means planning for the near future, three to five years into the future to be specific.


You may have only ever heard of strategic planning in business context.

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