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Discussing No Court Time with a Player

No Court Time for a player no matter the age is of concern. Amateur or professional, all players would like to feel as they have contributed to a team’s success and played their part in the performance of the group. Most players rate their value to a program as being directly related to the amount of time they are receiving within a game.

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3 Strategies to Help with Delegating Play Calling to a Player

Play Calling is the action of instructing what the next play will be on offense. It is one of the single toughest responsibilities to master and one of the hardest for a coach to be able to relinquish to their Point Guard (or any player). In fact, there are some coaches who will never pass the responsibilities of play calling to a player on their team.

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Goal Setting: Common Problems Seen in the Team Context

Setting Goals is possibly one of the truly underrated activities a team can ever look to take part in. Goal setting helps with a wide range of issues within an individual and a team’s development. Setting Goals however is a little more complicated than many of us give it credit for.

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Groupthink: One Reason why Groups do not become Teams

A significant problem that many teams are a victim of, but never are aware of it is Groupthink. Groupthink is one of the poorest situations that can happen to a group in their development into a team. Groupthink limits the opportunity for trust,

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