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Your Zone Offense stops Working in a Game! What do you do…

For many teams having a Zone Offense is just part of a good plan in preparing for all the challenges of a game situation. In some circumstances, teams might even have two or three different offenses, or variations of offenses to deal will all the possible zone defence challenges anticipated.

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When to Change to a Zone Defence during a Game

A Zone Defence is just one of a large array of options that a coach has during a game. If you do not have an “array of options” then you probably need to think about how you will manage a wider range of situations defensively. A Zone Defence,

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Controlling the Tempo of a Game: Principles of Play

Controlling the Tempo of a game can be very challenging for any team. A few mistakes in a row and things can feel as though they are reaching a point where anything else going wrong could result in the whole game going down the tubes. To help minimise this type of stress teams must train under this pressure from time to time,

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Pass Fake: A Key to Unlock Defences

The Pass Fake is one of the fundamental technical skills taught to basketball players at a very young age. Usually put into the bag of trick players are given around the age of ten or eleven years of age. There are a number of different reasons why the skills is taught at this age but unfortunately with such a young audience the benefits of the skill is often undersold and poorly taught.

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Controlling the Tempo of a Game: Execution of the Half-court Offense

Controlling the Tempo of a Game is vital for the success of a team in any basketball match-up. A team that cannot control the tempo of the game will find that they are often not able to execute their offense in the half court and create good scoring opportunities with regular precision.

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