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Flex Offense: Hand-off Roll

The Flex Offense brings together fantastic player movement with some of the most significant tactical elements developed in basketball like the Flex Cut. The Flex Offense Hand-off Roll Play is a variation on the standard movements of the Flex Offense. The Flex Offense Hand-off Roll Play looks to create a number of back screening options centred around a catalyst of a hand-off.

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Flex Offense: Screener Isolation

The Flex Offense is a favourite of many coaches and has become a highly developed offensive philosophy in its own right. A variation to add depth to the possible options available is the Screener Isolation Play. Within the Flex Offense the Screener Isolation Play places a player on one side of the floor and the rest of the team on the other.

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Flex Offense verse Zone Defence; Variation Screener Pop

Typically those coaches utilising the Flex strategy will change into a different tactic when they face zone defence. This is because the Flex offense traditionally in its standard form struggles with the challenges posted by a lack of defensive movement and spacing on the court.


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Introduction to Flex Offense


From the moment of its introduction the Flex offense has been regarded as the most popular form of offense used in Basketball. It emerged in the 1970’s and is now widely used around the world. At its simplest the Flex offense is nothing more than just a patterned movement of players performing cuts and screens constantly.

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