Flex Offense: Hand-off Roll

The Flex Offense brings together fantastic player movement with some of the most significant tactical elements developed in basketball like the Flex Cut. The Flex Offense Hand-off Roll Play is a variation on the standard movements of the Flex Offense. The Flex Offense Hand-off Roll Play looks to create a number of back screening options centred around a catalyst of a hand-off.


The starting formation and movements of the Flex Offense Hand-off Roll Play mirrors that of the standard Flex Offense. This will help foil early defensive tactics to that may be used to adjust to the hand-off strategy. Additionally, the Hand-off Roll Play’s sequence happens very quickly, which also makes the challenge of reading this play very difficult for the opposition’s defence.

Flex Offense: Hand-off Roll Diagram 1
Flex Offense: Hand-off Roll Diagram 1

Blending the Flex Offense Hand-off Roll Play’s initial movements with those of the standard offense means either option can be executed  next in the sequence. This will help those teams looking to build a series or playbook out of the Flex Offense and its philosophy.


The Flex Offense Hand-off Roll Play starts with the Five (5) moving off the front of the basket to the strong side Low Post. This will be the position of the Flex Screen set for Four (4).


As Four (4) sees Five (5) moving, this player will start their movement of the Flex Cut. Four (4) needs to create a lead before cutting off the screen towards the basket.


Upon seeing the initial movement of Five (5) and Four (4), One (1) will reverse the ball to the opposite elbow extended position.


Scoring Options


  • Four (4) off screen set by Five (5)
  • Following screen, Five (5) can step away from this position to be isolated or flash up the lane to the Pinch Post position for a post entry pass
Flex Offense: Hand-off Roll Diagram 2
Flex Offense: Hand-off Roll Diagram 2

Two (2) initiates a dribble hand-off by moving towards Three (3).


Three (3) lifts to receive the hand-off from Two (2) and turn off the shoulder of Two (2) and into a driving lane to the basket.


As three starts to lift Four (4) will leave the strong side Low Post and move to set a screen for Two (2) after finishing the hand-off sequence. Two (2) will curl off the screen and move towards the low post receiver spot off the low shoulder of the ball handler (Three).


Also as Three (3) starts to lift, Five (5) will rise up the weak side of the keyway to set a screen for One (1).


One (1) can either go over or under the screen depending on which side of the screen their defender is positioned upon. There will be additional space to move ball side if Three (3) is topped from reaching the keyway on the players drive to the basket.


Scoring Options


  • Three (3) on drive to basket
  • One (1) off of cut to the basket
  • Two (2) on cut to the basket
  • Five (5) as passing option at Pinch Post


In the final sequence of the Flex Offense Hand-off Roll Play unfolds with all receiver spots around the keyway filled with offensive targets. The Flex Offense Hand-off Roll Play will add a depth of choice to how a team can utilise their offensive options.

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